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Essential Items for Mothers Before Entering the Hospital in Kuwait

A Birth Bag Guide

The maternity bag should include baby outfits for several days

As the due date approaches, it's important to prepare a birth bag with essential items for both the mother and newborn, especially when giving birth in Kuwait. In this blog post, tailored to Kuwaiti mothers, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of items to include in your birth bag, along with tips and considerations, especially in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Let's ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable and stress-free hospital experience in Kuwait.

When and How to Prepare the Bag:

Ideally, the birth bag should be prepared several weeks before your due date. To avoid last-minute stress, make a checklist and gradually gather the items you'll need. This ensures that you have everything ready when the time comes. Now, let's explore the essential items for both the mother and the newborn.

Essentials for the Mother:

Comfortable Clothing: Pack loose and easily accessible home clothes for breastfeeding convenience. Consider exploring Mama's First collection of Maternity Loungewear, designed with Kuwaiti mothers in mind, for comfortable and stylish options.

Footwear: Include warm socks, slippers, and shower-friendly plastic slippers suitable for the Kuwaiti climate. Check out Mama's First collection of Maternity Underwear & Socks, designed with breathable fabrics, for cozy and comfortable options.

Underwear and Sanitary Pads: Opt for high-waisted underwear and bring suitable sanitary pads, especially if you're having a cesarean delivery. Mama's First offers a range of comfortable Maternity Panties suitable for Kuwaiti mothers' needs.

Toiletries: Pack a toothbrush, hairbrush, hair bands, and a head cover if desired. You can explore Mama's First collection of Mama's Skin Care, offering products suitable for the unique needs of Kuwaiti mothers.

Personal Items: Don't forget essentials like glasses, identification documents, insurance cards, credit cards, and a small amount of Kuwaiti dinars. Keep them organized in a Mama's First Maternity Bag for easy access.

Electronics: Bring a camera or mobile phone with sufficient memory to capture precious moments. Don't forget the charger with a long wire. Check out Mama's First collection of Mama's Accessories, designed to meet the tech-savvy needs of Kuwaiti mothers.

Pregnant women should prepare their bag several weeks before the due date

Baby Essentials:

Clothing: Pack a set of clothes for the newborn to wear in the hospital and a spare set, suitable for Kuwait's climate. Consider Mama's First Baby Clothing collection, curated for Kuwaiti newborns, for adorable and comfortable outfits.

Diapers and Wipes: Carry newborn-sized diapers and unscented wipes specifically designed for infants. Mama's First offers a range of diapers and baby wipes, ensuring high-quality care for your little one.

Skincare: Avoid oils and moisturizers in the early months. Consult a doctor about appropriate diaper rash creams or Vaseline suitable for Kuwaiti weather conditions. Explore Mama's First collection of Baby Skin Care, offering gentle and safe products for Kuwaiti babies.

Blanket: Include a light blanket for the baby, considering Kuwait's climate. Check out Mama's First collection of Swaddles & Wearable Blankets, designed to provide comfort and protection to your newborn in Kuwait.

Feeding Bottles: If you plan to bottle-feed, bring at least three bottles and a milk pump if needed. Mama's First offers a range of Baby Bottles and Accessories, including brands trusted by Kuwaiti mothers.

Car Seat: Ensure you have a properly installed car seat for your newborn, in accordance with Kuwaiti regulations. Mama's First provides a selection of Car Seat & Stroller Accessories, designed to meet the safety standards of Kuwaiti roads.

Unforgettable shots

Additional Considerations during the Pandemic:

Infection Prevention: Carry hand sanitizers, but note that masks are generally not worn during labor, and infants do not wear them. Explore Mama's First collection of Baby Care and Health products, suitable for maintaining a clean and safe environment for your little one, especially during the pandemic.

Hospital Procedures: Inquire about the specific hospital procedures in Kuwait, including the number of people allowed in the delivery room and postpartum care area. Prioritize support from family members and discuss their roles in comforting and assisting with tasks like bathing, sleeping, and breastfeeding, while adhering to local guidelines. Mama's First offers a range of products to support you and your family during this special time.

Preparing a birth bag with essential items is crucial for a smooth and comfortable hospital experience, especially in Kuwait. By packing the right items, you'll be ready to welcome your newborn in Kuwait. Remember, each mother's needs may vary, so customize your birth bag accordingly. Wishing you a safe and joyful birthing journey!

(Note: Mama's First, an ecommerce store operating in Kuwait, offers a wide range of collections designed to cater to the needs of Kuwaiti mothers and their newborns. Be sure to explore their website for more options and recommendations specific to Kuwait.)

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